Many on-line Gujarati language courses are available. However, majority of them provide some basics of learning Gujarati script. It has been observed that many learners seek to learn reading skills. The second/third generation of Nonresident Gujaratis and those who wish to learn Gujarati need a good basic language course. It is difficult to provide speaking skills in absence of two-way channel. Hence it was decided to prepare materials which provides reading skill and to certain extent listening skill.
This course is open to all. This course is scientifically designed by language experts to facilitate easy step by step learning.

The course material is spread over in 32 lessons. The first few lessons provide materials for Gujarati script, words, phrases and sentences. The learner can also listen to the sounds, words, phrases, sentence in a progressive manner. After 18 lessons the learner is taken to a little advanced level of reading. First 18 lessons provide listening drills in which the learner is provided time to speak.

The material is expected to be covered in 60 hours of time. However, this depends on individual learner.