How to go about

Welcome to on line Gujarati language course. The course will help learner to read and understand Gujarati language. This is how it is done:

1) The material is expected to be covered in 60 hours of time. However, this depends on individual learner.

2) First few lessons introduce script. Even though every lesson starts with some letters it contains words, word-pairs, phrases and sentences. The sequence of letters decided on the basis of frequency of use. Each lesson spirally covers the previous material.

3) Pronunciation of letters, words, phrases and sentences is provided to facilitate listening. This is discontinued at a later stage. The learner can click on any letter/word to know the pronunciation. Listening material is recorded in four different voices (male/female) to provide variety which facilitates actual listening in situations.

4) Writing skill is not focused. However, guide to write various letters is provided separately at the end of few lessons. Answers should be written on learner’s own notebook and should be checked with the answers given at the end of the lesson.

5) The learner can go back to any lessons he/she wishes to which he/she has completed. Go to the page Course → Lessons having all the lessons's links.

6) Meanings of words are given at the end of every lesson.

7) Sufficient exercises are provided for practice. Some material is provided for self-assessment. The answers are provided at the end of each lesson.

8) Grammatical explanations are given wherever necessary and sufficient practice material is also provided. The course does not cover all points of grammar of Gujarati language.

9) For queries learner can contact the administrator via email. The administrator will get back with answers/guidance with shortest time possible.

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